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German shepherd protection dogs for sale

My German shepherds are the perfect combination of playful and laid back. Fed on the best, ImperialFood . Kraftwerk K9 – Where passion for the German Shepherd is reality! This is a sneak preview of our new video for our new website home page – coming soon – including shots of Wayne Curry with two highly trained German Shepherds. We have a large variety of premiere family protection dogs for sale. Their instincts are for guarding and herding. We also follow the standard for conformation set in Germany, which produces a male German Shepherd that is approximately 26 inches high at the shoulder, and is large, powerful, and masculine, has a dark German Shepherd Puppies in LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA ready for Christmas 2019! Champion bloodlines, world class parents imported from Germany and Czech. Check our fully trained protection dogs for sale, having perfect structure and health. Shepherds, as they are lovingly called by fans of the breed, are fiercely loyal and so they make excellent police and protection dogs. Young Trained German shepherds, Young Trained Adult German Shepherds, Positive Reinforcement Training German Shepherds, Clicker Trained German Shepherds For Sale,  Obedience Trained Family Companion German Shepherd dogs For Sale, Natural Protection German Sheph Competitive Schutzhund Involves Tracking, Obedience And Protection. A1K9 only buys dogs from proven blood lines from selected breeders across Europe, each dog then being carefully assessed and checked for both health and temperament before being imported into the UK. Safer than a gun or alarm system. Premium AKC REGISTERED BLACK FEMALE GERMAN SHEPHERD PUP. Minnesota K-9 Solutions Trainers working dogs in the Protection Sport of Schutzhund. Each animal sold here has a world class pedigree and the performance capabilities to back it up. Mind Blowing Training Your German Shepherd Dog Ideas. Her focus is super with drives for the work that is unmatched. Schwarzer Hund GSD LLC is a quality black German Shepherd breeder,We have German Shepherd Dogs and puppies for sale on a regular basis. German Shepherds. (719) 323-6700. Many of today's herding breeds, including the German Shepherd, and Belgian Malinois, have  Whilst we primarily supply German Shepherds, we can supply and train different breeds to provide a variety of protection dogs for sale. Condition: Bloat (gastric dilatation-volvulus) Petplan protected since: July 2009. Our protection dogs are trained to do one thing, keep their owners safe from all threats. Our clients are from all walks of life, quality knowledgeable pet homes, Police K9, working homes, show homes , family Highly trained German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois for sale by K9 Trainer Crystal. The cheapest offer starts at £400. Specializing in German Shepherds, we offer German Imported Protection dogs and German shepherd puppies for sale. German Shepherd Dogs German Shepherds are beyond intelligent and owning one truly is a lifestyle. We offer green and fully trained dogs, hand picked from generations of proven working Spanish bloodlines. We offer adult dogs that originate from two sources, the first, are dogs from our breedings that we hold back and train for sport, protection or service dog work. Our quality selection of these highly trained dogs brings not only a comforting sense of security to your home, but also the companionship of a beloved pet. Training options include: Basic obedience; Intermediate/advanced obedience; Personal protection training   Fully trained family protection dogs for sale: Belgian Malinois Protection Dog, Dutch Shepherd Protection Dog, German Shepherd Protection Dog for sale. German Shepherd Dogs & Puppies For Sale & Rehome in UK. The German Shepherd Dog is the most commonly used and sold for protection. They are temperament tested by a professional dog trainer. Trained German Shepherds for sale "vom Zauberberg" come with  For trained German shepherds, contact Wüstenbergerland German Shepherds today. near Georgia border Bloodlines are W German DDR, Czech with schutzhund titles. The person or breeder that is selling the trained dog must have first hand knowledge of the characteristic behavior profile, family values and overall history profile of the trained German shepherd dog they are Kiefertal German Shepherd Dogs are bred from top European working lines. Von der Haus Gill German Shepherds Inc. The Rottweiler, or Rottweil Metzgerhund, is a large dog breed originating in Germany as herding dogs. Highly trained German Shepherd security dogs are fearless and obedient at the same time. Enjoy. Don't miss what's happening in your neighborhood. Protection Dogs- Personal & Family Protection Dogs for Sale UK. Our dogs are raised from puppies to adults in homes with r German Shepherds For Sale. We will ensure that we hire professional dog breeders, dog handlers and vet doctors et al that are well experienced and passionate in breeding dogs and also imparting knowledge and German Shepherds, Czech German Shepherd, German Shepherd, TRAINED DOGS FOR SALE, PROTECTION DOGS, K9, K-9, GERMAN SHEPHERD, POLICE K-9, POLICE K9, SCHUTZHUND, SchH Find German Shepherds for Sale in Cincinnati on Oodle Classifieds. Many of today’s herding breeds, including the German Shepherd , and Belgian Malinois , have only been established in the past couple centuries. For personal protection dogs, this play drive is converted into much more The German Shepherd Dog is a large working breed, and was, formerly known as the Alsatian in the UK. The value our Protection Trained German Shepherds for sale is notably higher than that of our Trained German Shepherd Puppies. The breeder should be knowledgeable of bloodlines and the German Shepherd breed in general. A very good family dog. Train in protection and obedience. Personal Protection Dogs For Sale. German Shepherds for Sale! Among the most popular of guardian breeds is the German Shepherd. These reasons include being: Put down, Abandoned, and; Sold. Paladin K9 offers the finest and most reliable protection trained dogs in the marketplace. Czech German Shepherd Puppies for Sale. Fleischerhiem German Shepherds make great reliable personal protection dogs, Schutzhund/IPO competition dogs and wonderful family security dogs. He has been bred for over 100 years, and most of those years bred for protection. The German Shepherd is Best trained German Shepherd protection dogs for sale. . Super pedigree from some of the top dogs in the world. Premium protection dogs at their finest, this group was bred from proven German protection lines. For German Shepherd Dogs and other breeds, K-9 Specialists sets high standards for both the behavior of dogs and their owners, but at their core, K-9 Specialists believes that building the “bond” between the dog and owner is of the upmost importance. The German Shepherd is a very popular dog breed of German origins. Title: V IPO 1 KKL, EXCELLENT SHOW RATED, Trained in Obedience, Protection and Tracking, KKL Breed Survey, Hips and Elbows Certified in Germany. Obedience & protection trained for everyday life. Guarantees & FAQ. com Thor is a Czech German Shepherd, fully grown and weighs 45kg. Zoa… Puppies coming soon. Named Best by Der Spiegel Magazine. These German Shepherd Dogs are … German Shepherd Dog Puppies For Sale From its origination, the German Shepherd has been widely considered to be one of the most intelligent and versatile breeds. Known for its unmatched ability as a police dog and incredible herder, it a breed that is best suited for a very active lifestyle. ” Taught reward system using cut-up pieces of hot dogs until the puppy is ready to transfer over to a reward object. When only the best German Shepherd protection dogs for sale will do. Trained German Shepherd Guard Dogs For Sale Throughout history dogs, and German Shepherds specifically, have been used to protect & guard homes, families & livestock. These personal and home protection dogs are usually German Shepherds that have been family raised and trained and are from the best German or European bloodlines available to us. For Inquiries Phone: 604-856-8536 | Location: 25655 12th Ave. See our German Shepherd Puppies  Companion Dogs Like No Other. Our dogs are raised from puppies to adults in homes with real people and not in a kennel. We do ship Worldwide. The Vom Banach K9 German Shepherd is the ideal personal or family companion dog and protector. He is our company demo dog – the one German Shepherd we take to trade shows, school presentations, public seminars and any other venue where we need to demonstrate the best traits available in a German Shepherd. All of our German Shepherd puppies and adults are vaccinated to-date, vet-checked, de-wormed, and microchipped. Contact for more information. 00. Unfortunately due to complications with our landlord telling us we are not allowed to keep pets. The difference is clear. We specialize in working line German Shepherds for Police dogs and Protection dogs and Family Protection/Companion dogs. Our dogs are bred to fit any lifestyle, they are mentally and physically strong, have stable and trustworthy temperments, along with the courage needed to protect your family. We sell and train working dogs for personal safety, security or law enforcement applications. Nobleheim German Shepherds is a Texas German Shepherd Breeder located just 65 miles east of the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Note: Age of dog may be different on day of purchase "Please note that not all our dogs are listed on the website; please call for further dogs that are available" Click on Thumbnails to see larger image . We train the pups to protect, guide and socialize. German Shepherd Puppies For Sale, German Shepherd Puppy for sale, German Shepherd puppies, German Shepherd Puppy, Personal Protection dogs for sale, Personal protection dogs, k9 dog for sale, Police Dogs for sale, Police Dogs,  These personal and home protection dogs are usually German Shepherds that have been family raised and trained and are from the best German or European bloodlines available to us. Current time in Sydney AVAILABLE DOGS. GERMAN SHEPHERDS FOR SALE - FULLY TRAINED IN OBEDIENCE - PROTECTION TRAINED DOGS AVAILABLE - GUARD DOGS (Specializing in Guard Dogs for protection on houses, estates, buildings, Police, etc for ANYWHERE) - SCHUTZHUND GERMAN SHEPHERDS - PUPPIES AVAILABLE FROM EXCELLENT TEMPERED & TRAINED PARENTS ALL EUROPEAN BLOODLINE (GERMAN ((EAST DDR & WEST Explore 8 listings for German shepherd guard dogs for sale at best prices. We will be updating the website with more photos of Argue and the expectant "mom". German Shepherd Puppies for sale. Fantastic top quality working Line German Shepherd Puppies some of the very best working blood lines make up this pedigree. In fact After about two years of daily training in Germany, Harrison K-9 imports the elite guard dogs to the U. A Rising S K9 dog is a great solution for guarding your safety and the things that mean the most to you! Trained in protection bite sports and finished by the same techniques and methods used for police service dogs; Rising S K9’s dogs are selfless companions that put your safety and well being above their own. Get new ad alerts. The history of the working dog movement in Germany. the sport of purebred dogs. Doncaster, South Yorkshire. Puppies for Sale on PuppyFinder. Our protection program was developed as a way of making sure the dogs we sell are sound mentally and physically. Considered to be in the pastoral group of dogs, German Shepherds are large dogs that do well in a large home with large grounds to ‘guard. BLACK German Shepherd Dolf is a very beautiful black German Shepherd. When you live with a German Shepherd it’s important you honor his heritage while working with him to make him the best family member he can be. 40 years of experience guarantees the best protection dog you can get! Fully trained dogs. Black German Shepherd Puppies for sale for schutzhund, working, family and companionship. Breeding purebred West German Showline German Shepherds are our passion. Our German Shepherd Puppies are all bred from Working Police dogs with excellent Foundation European Bloodlines which insures they will have loads of drive and protective instincts. More information. For Sale – German Shepherd Puppies Arque is not only one of the most Beautiful German Shepherds we have ever seen but has also earned the coveted VA title! We will be accepting reservations for the Arque puppies  Kraftwerk K9 Champion German Shepherd Dogs For sale. 00 and $45,500. Born: December 7th 2015. Personal protection german shepherd dog for sale. On this site you will find articles and stories about dogs, training tips Protection Dogs Worldwide primarily trains and deals German Shepherd Dogs, Dobermann Pinschers, Cane Corsos, and Giant Schnauzers because of their ability to adapt to, and thrive in family environments. We have pups available to train for you locally or we can locate the perfect dog for you and your family. BREED: German Shepherd. Dutch & German Shepherds are approachable and have a well-balanced temperament allowing All German shepherd puppies bred by K9 Protector are from proven personal protection dog parents most of which you will be able to meet and view videos of them working. German Shepherds come from a long line of working dogs. Read our German Shepherd Buying Advice page for information on this dog breed. k-9 max reference # k-9 bravo/10-1. East German Working Line Puppies. We specialize also in direct imports from Respected kennels from Germany with World Known Champion bloodlines. Wanessa is an executive protection dog. These breeds include: American Bulldogs, German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, and Our Protection dogs for sale start at $35,500. Sold It also gets them farther away from what a German shepherd is all about. £2,000. 10 week old German shepard puppy male his name is storm due for his first jabs on Friday he is a full pedigree but carnt get him registered The German Shepherd was developed in Germany in the 1880’s as a herder. Reserve Dog More Info Sold to Howard L. Sable East German Shepherd Puppies. All of our protection dogs for sale are very sociable and well Jan 18, 2015 · A detailed examination of what separates Protection Dog Sales from the competition. SCOTT’S POLICE K9 PROTECTION DOGS For Sale Elite Family Guard Dogs German Shepherds & Belgian Malinois. SPECIALIZED TRAINING. Many of our adults are titled with advanced obedience, tracking, protection, or combinations of the three. IMG_2554  Cedar Valley Canine is a multi-purpose kennel providing canines and training for a variety of purposes in the civilian, German Shepherds and training all types of canines for a variety of possible scenarios - including civilian, protection, sport   20 Sep 2017 If you have never seen one, visualize a German shepherd, shrink it down a bit, and torque it up to the red line in energy and aggression. Randi is a super narcotics detection k9. Super quality and credentials on our German Shepherd puppies, German Shepherd young adults and trained German Shepherds. 7 Dec 2016 Page - 02 Trained German Shepherd For Sale Page - 03 Schutzhund Dogs For Sale Page - 04 Executive Protection Dogs Page - 05 Guard Dogs Page - 06 Photo Gallery Page - 07 One Month Free Training Page - 09 Why  24 Dec 2019 German Shepherds Puppies Top Shepherd kennel in California sells champion bloodline puppies that grow into robust German Shepherd dogs. Loves other male dogs. Dogs for Sale. ***AVAILABLE*** TRAINED GERMAN SHEPHERD FOR SALE DARK SABLE FEMALE German Shepherd Working Line with German BH Obedience Title, This Female is Well Started in Bite Work, Protection and Bark and Hold, She has an Excellent Temperament, She would be Good for SPORT IPO and Other Work Applications and Tasks, Likes to Work, Obedient, Also would be Good for ACTIVE People, Watchdog, Tracking and Search. View our loyal family personal protection dogs for sale from world class bloodlines: German Shepherd, Belgium Malinois, Cane Corso, Rottweiler and more. We specialize in estate, protection, law enforcement, tracking, basic obedience and Schutzhund training. FOR SALE £2000. A Schutzhund dog starts as a puppy with biting out of play drive and later on a bite arm sleeve. She is an alpha female around other dogs, and needs room to run to expend some of her energy, with a fenced yard or acreage. We have Safely shipped German Shepherd Puppies and dogs Worldwide ! Our German Shepherd pups are CKC Registered, AKC, USA/SV registerable, for United States residents Whom are USA members, USA/SV registration is an option! All dogs bred by us are able to register with any breed organization or breed club around the world. com We are working line professional German Shepherd breeder offering german shepherd working puppies for sale,world class, world champion imported from Germany working line German Shepherd puppies for all aspects of top-level competition dogs, protection for individuals, families, and businesses. All the German Shepherds are hand selected in Germany by us. 3 1/2 years old. To see all available information, click on the image, We are able to ship the dogs to you with all the regular documents. All puppies sold are over 8 weeks old. At German Shepherd Dallas our clients’ overall best interest would always come first, and everything we do will be guided by our values and professional ethics. We have purebred german shepherd puppies. German Shepherds for Sale . and are located near Auburn Alabama. ’ As a herder, generally this breed needs plenty of daily exercise totalling at least two hours however there are always anomalies who need much less. Here are 30 beautiful black dogs on Instagram! 27 Sep 2019 The pricey breed is called the European German Shepherd, and they are bred and certified in Germany to optimize guarding skills. Belgian Malinois for Sale. A German Shepherd For Protection. German Shepherds are one of the best breeds because of their natural protection and herding skills. Call for the price. AGE: 6 weeks, 3 days. Estate Dogs LLC in Carroll, Ohio proudly offers superior quality German shepherd dogs and puppies- as well- as exceptional dog training. Ritland usually starts with a dog that is around three years old, physically and mentally  In order to take them on, their new owners will have to be highly motivated, physically strong and also fully committed to providing the ongoing training and maintenance required for such a specialized canine. 00 About CCPD Difference Our Guarantee Fully Trained Dogs Protection Dogs For Sale Personal Protection Dogs Family Protection Dogs Trained Young Dogs For Sale German Shepherd Protection Dogs Belgian Malinois Protection Dogs German Shepherd – Exercise Needed. Get in Touch Learn More. This boy is very stable and social male. They receive daily regiment of training and handling in obedience and they are all certified in protection skills. Due to the high number of dogs in our training program — and the time consuming task of constantly updating the website, please call to ensure availability of any dog. We will be accepting reservations for the Arque puppies on February 5th when the litter is confirmed by X-ray. Wüstenberger-Land K9s is internationally recognized as the top German shepherd Fully-Trained Personal Protection Dogs For Sale. REGGI // Boxer Male 13 Months Old. Both parents are working K9s, great family protection dogs. Schutzhund III Level Protection Dog Aslan, a Schutzhund III level protection dog, is the complete package. To see all available information, click on the image, call: 1-800-640-2855 or e-mail: kreativekennels@yahoo. SOLD · Art. Simanovich fully trained protection dogs give individuals and families added safety, improving the well-being of the people they serve. All are AKC registered and most are registered with the German SV. These breeds are highly intelligent, alert, easy to train, and needsa job to stay happy. All German Shepherd personal protection dogs for sale at International K9 Imports are trained thoroughly. At Protection Dogs Plus, we believe every man, woman and child has the right to be safe in their homes. Protection dog puppies being trained - K9 Protector  The German Shepherd has excelled not only as a pet and guard dog, a police and military dog, but also as a guide dog for the blind. Training and Developing Family Raised Personal Protection Dogs. We train/work/title and live with our dogs as well as health test. Estate protection. Could be paired with Johnnie, for the ultimate protection team. Check it out! German Shepherd Puppies; Distinctly West German, Uniquely American 100% German Bloodlines - Breeding to a higher standard! Outstanding Companion and Family Protection dogs; Herding, Performance and Service Dogs are all our Specialty. The ability of a good Shepherd cannot be denied. The best home protection dogs are as quick to “lie down” as they are to charge an intruder. CONAN // 20 Month Old German Shepherd. Unsurpassed as a working dog, German Shepherd Dogs are the original “drug dogs,” and can easily adapt to both protection and police work. Personal Protection Dog. Trained guard dogs for sale for family and private protection, German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois For Sale. Call and let us know the name of Located in Oklahoma, we breed only the Heidelberg type of German Shepherd Dogs. SOLD. Romuender German Shepherd Dog Breeder is known for a High Quality West German imported long coat and stock coat German Shepherd Dogs. Lax here for top up training before we take him back to Germany next week -. The The price of a fully-trained protection dog ranges between $30,000 and $80,000, with the average sale price around $50,000 says Holley. Vom Banach K-9 DDR & Czech German Shepherds offers German shepherd protection dogs and K9 Working Line German Shepherds for sale! May 05, 2020 · Since the unification of Germany in 1990, DDR German shepherds became rare for many reasons. Kruga - 1 year German Shepherd for sale Young gun security working dog. For National Black Dog Day, lets all take a closer look at black dogs and make sure that next time we are in a shelter or rescue, we aren't passing up those beautiful black coats unintentionally. If you are interested in buying a protection dog with different characteristics than you see here, or with a different level of training, please contact us as we may have additional dogs Our German Shepherd Protection Dogs are trained by nationally-recognized police and protection dog experts. Heidelberg’s are the “old fashioned type of German Shepherds” as they were originally bred to be aesthetically pleasing, yet highly functional as a companion, protector, and herding dog. Arque gaiting at a showArque at a showArgue at a showArgue at Our majestic all German Schutzhund/IPO Certified German Shepherd Trained Protection Dogs for sale provide outstanding personal Protection. Saint Cloud, MN 56304. Specialty German Shepherd Breeding Division. Super health and excellent pedigree, fed raw meat, health guarantee, hips, elbows guarantee. PRIVATE OBEDIENCE CLASSES. German Shepherd Dogs and German Shepherd Puppies for sale German Shepherd Puppies vom Zauberberg German Shepherd puppies available for sale from our breeding program can be purchased and returned to us around 15 months of age for our protection dog basic minimum standard course. Law enforcement agencies in the U. German shepard 11 week old. Our German Shepherds come from top European bloodlines that have proven generations of working champions and service dogs in their pedigrees. Protection Dogs The choices available to the consumer of different trainers and breeds, and the different training programs offered by these competing trainers can be very confusing to the person or family looking to purchase the best dog possible for both companionship and personal security. S. Choose from our current listing of protection dogs for sale. Applications: Family/home guard dogs, Commercial guard dogs, Personal protection dogs The German Shepherd Dog (also called German Shepherd Alsatian Deutscher Schaferhund, or even Police Dog in some countries) was bred in the late 19th and early 20th century in a concerted effort to breed the ultimate sheepdog. Many of the dogs we have for sale are service and protection trained. As the breed name implies , it began it's career as a Shepherd's dog in Germany and can still be used  Fleischerheim German Shepherds offers Quality German Shepherd Schutlzhund- IPO Trained Family Protection GSD Guard Dogs For Sale for over 55 Years. German Shepherd Guard Dog and puppy on back. Those dogs are trained to perform in real life scenarios for household and social life. German Shepherd Choose perfectly trained family protection dogs for sale from Platinum K9 in the UK. We offer dogs and puppies of all different breeds. Easily trained, 2 yr health guarantee, lifetime, breeder service, utd vaccinations and worming, microchipped . A number of German Shepherd puppies from Ohio Pet Resort located between Canton and Akron have gone into law enforcement, military agencies, and IPO/IPG clubs, in addition to many others that went on to protection, companion, service, therapy. We ensure each dog is highly socialized, family-raised, and genetically tested. Aldergrove, British Columbia, Canada V4W 2J7 (5 minutes from WA border) Accomplishments. Originating from the world’s top protection dog Sparer German Shepherd Kennels sells top quality german shepherd puppies as well as fully trained dogs for family use, protection dogs, police dogs and other uses. We breed, import, train and sell German Shepherd puppies and adults, as well as Belgian Malinois puppies. While being a German Shepherd Dog Breeder, it is important for us to provide Pure Bred German Shepherd Puppies to our new GSD Owners. If you are interested in a German Shepherd puppy, foundation trained juvenile or a fully trained personal protection dog please give our team a call today. Please call for price and more information Ben 07904267317 . Adult & Puppies Available. The line was developed in the late 1800s and a captain in the German cavalry, Max von Stephanitz has been  Trained Dogs and Puppies. We have foundation trained juvenile German Shepherds available. Moto is our beautiful Czech German Shepherd. Our canines are professionally-trained from top bloodlines in Germany. He is fully c ommitted on protection and carry’s a natural presence that’s a deterrent for any potential attacker. If you share our passion and is looking for a German Shepherd breeder that specializes in providing the highest quality show dogs, protection dogs, working dogs, or family companions, your search just ended. Guard Dog. Please visit our site often, as we have new updates frequently about Nobleheim's available German Shepherd Puppies & Adult Dogs for sale. Female german shepherd with a great temperament; great with children and ohter animals. Developed at the end of the 19thCentury, these dogs originally herded sheep, but because of their strength, trainability, protective instincts, and obedience, German Shepherd Dogs have since become a favoured breed for many types of work. We breed and import working line puppies for sale. Schutzhund is German for “protection dog”, so it is no surprise that German Shepherds are the leading dogs in this sport. Bullinger German Shepherds is the #1 undefeated Breeding Kennel at the Canadian Nationals everytime they have competed. Our focus has been to breed beautiful, healthy, and easily trained dogs. We go through  we take him back to Germany next week - Always a pleasure to have !. My German shepherds are protective and can serve as guard dogs. Belgian Malinois. The best way to do that is for me to personally train each puppy, starting at 8 weeks of age teaching manners, developing the drive, and discipline needed for a quality Personal Protection Dog. Family protection. She is full of life and boisterous so would be best suited for families with children of ages 8 years and up If the search for your new Family Protection Dog involves a top of the line purebred, you have made the right choice by selecting Full Contact K-9. Our dogs are professionally-trained German shepherds and come from the top bloodlines in Germany. At Grünberg Shepherds, we take protection training seriously. We are a leader in private training, fully trained protection dogs and german shepherd puppy sales – worldwide delivery and shipping is available. One and a half years old. psdkennels. Sale Pending Rocky $65,000 w/EDWS $85,000. 00 The average price for a client, is usually between $38,500. Trained Dogs for Sale, Young Adult German Shepherds for Sale, German Shepherds for sale, Working Dogs for Sale, Protection Dogs for Sale, and Schutzhund Dogs for sale. atlanta german shepherd dog training. Raw meat for dogs for sale Global K9 Protection Services should be your first place to check when looking for a German Shepherd. CLICK ON PHOTOS FOR MORE INFORMATION. personal protection dogs for sale . Rest assured that you have found a partner who you can count on. World Championship Team- Cologne, Germany. commitment to the AKC. Cane Corso "SLY" 5months Old. The Schutzhund trained and titled German Shepherd dog is not a 'real protection dog!' Explore 28 listings for Trained German shepherd for sale UK at best prices. Call Bullocks K9 Kennels for more information today! Personal Protection Dogs For Sale. He is a great family protection dog for sale! Contact us to learn more about all of our dogs (855) 461-3647 The German Shepherd Dog has been known for many years as the best protection dog in the world. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, our  Welcome. Minneapolis Dog Training For Your Dog. This breeder demonstrate a. Canine Extreme offers fully trained personal protection dogs, executive protection dogs, police dogs and narcotics dogs. World Championship Team – Bensheim, Germany  Protection dogs for sale are available, bred & trained by undeniably the most accomplished dog trainer in the USA, and 2 time World Champion Ivan Balabanov! Connor: 6-Year-Old Male German Shepherd. Vom Westerman quality German Shepherd puppies have World Class pedigrees with the highest breed requirements. Backed by over 30 years of experience and recognized worldwide for wins in international dog training competitions, the Simanovich team has an eye for selecting the best German Shepherds and giving them consistently innovative training and conditioning German Shepherds For Sale Buying a trained German shepherd or trained older puppy can be risky and could end with disastrous results. While we are experts in German shepherd dogs, we truly understand all Canines. Because of their intelligence and quick-learning abilities, this breed has long been used for a range of tasks from herding to home protection. He loves his people and is sound around other animals. About Us Ultimate Protection K9 (UPK9) is passionate about Canines and specially fond of the German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois and the American PitBull Terrier, breeds known not only for their courage & determination but also loyalty & devotion to its loving owner. One of the more popular breeds in the United States today, German Shepherds are clever, hard-working dogs, and are the breed most often used by the police and military because of their ZWINGER VON HIMMEL has decades of WORLDWIDE success in placing exceptional quality German Shepherds. The German Shepherd dog is most commonly used for the sport of Schutzhund, he is known to excel in the sport. Trained German Shepherds for Sale Are you not in a position to raise a German Shepherd puppy and train it? Then this offer is for you! Zauberberg Kennels offers highest level obedience trained German Shepherds for sale. For over 30 years the focus of our business has been placing fully-trained adult personal protection dogs with families & individuals like yours. Protection dogs for sale by Wayne Simanovich. Early Rottweilers worked as beasts of burden, carrying wood and other products to market. Rottweiler guard & protection dogs for sale Rottweilers make phenomenal guard dogs & are very loyal. Our Protection Dogs are for people that look for the best of the best to protect their loved ones. Von Falconer K-9, is a dog boarding and training facility located in Santa Cruz. At Top Shepherd California, we provide well-trained German Shepherd protection dogs to suit your needs. NEW UPDATE : JANUARY 2020 - GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPPIES FOR SALE We currently have 2 EXCELLENT RATED German Shepherd puppies For Sale to approved homes! Superior quality and temperament. To that end, we select, train and carefully transfer fully trained working protection dogs, trained to the highest international standards to homes like yours. Trained Protection Dogs For Sale. The German Shepherd Dog has been known for many years as the best protection dog in the world. Born: August 10th 2015. Our dogs are first selected from Europe’s competitive working dog competitions. The German Shepherd Dog is a strong, agile dog – and possesses one of the keenest noses in the dog world. We are left with no choice but to Kreative Kennels is a working line Professional German Shepherd breeder. Visit to learn more. german shepherd protection dogs German Shepherds are one of the best breeds because of their natural protection and herding skills. Name association and the meaning of “no” means stop. Click here to learn more about Protection Dogs Canada. You'll find the personal protection dog that's perfect for your family. BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION TRAINING. German Shepherds, and Protection dogs. Knowledgeable  Protection dogs for sale by Wayne Simanovich. We have a proven full service and reliable program, we offer professional trained Schutzhund German Shepherds, show ring training, Protection, Obedience and Tracking, breed survey KKL (Koer Klass), Stud Service, GSD Puppies, German Shepherd Young Adults, Trained German Shepherds. com. Protection Dogs For Sale At this time we do not have any V rated protection dogs for sale if you are interested in a truly world class IPO protection dog we will do our best to locate one for you. We have continuous service after the sale of our dogs. Trained dos for sale that include German Shepherd, Dutch Shepherd, Lab and Malinois dogs. Family Dogs for Sale! Other Breeds for Sale. Regional Champion. We sell and ship puppies to Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angels, San Diego, Las Vegas and just about anywhere else! Both dogs studding and have German Shepherd Puppies for sale. GSD. Welcome to Full Contact K9, we offer dog training for all breeds throughout the Atlanta, GA and Silicon Valley, CA geographic areas. We ensure that our dogs receive the highest quality training to protect you and your loved ones. THE HISTORY OF DVG. Dr. Guard Dog All of the dogs listed on our website are here at our facility. A breeder should have testimonials. Check it out! Dogs For Sale Hillview Kennels has both puppies and adult dogs for sale. German Shepherd. In our two Kentucky facilities we raise for sale quality personal protection dogs. 27 Oct 2017 Protection Dog Sales is the largest provider of home raised personal protection dogs in the world. A Harrison K-9®* German Shepherd has unmatched skills in obedience, vigilance and dedication to your family’s protection. Very alert at night. For trained German shepherds, contact Wüstenberger-Land German Shepherds today. Available Rex $65,000 w/EDWS $85,000. Part Trained. Dutch & German Shepherds have often been the first choice when it comes to family protection as they are natural watch dogs and considered to be a jack-of-all-trades. We are the most experienced Importer of the best All German (not lesser quality "European Bloodlines") World Renown Sieger and working line German Shepherds since 1964. And if you’re looking for a fully-trained protection dog, look elsewhere unless you are a professional handler, or in some other professional capacity that we can verify. They are the best dog training facility in the santa cruz county. Join millions of people using Oodle to find puppies for adoption, dog and puppy listings, and other pets adoption. As professional breeders of German Shepherd puppies trained to be Personal Protection dogs and Family Protection dogs we encourage these extraordinary dogs to posses stability, courage, control, and intelligence through our exclusive German Shepherd Dog Training. These dogs have been tested, trained and screened for medical issues. German Shepherds are ideal guard dogs due to their natural instincts to learn, listen & obey commands. Harrison K-9* is not a Police/Military training facility nor do we try to do both. of Denver CO Kraftwerk K9 is your champion breeder. She was born January 2, 2020 here on Beautiful Black and Red Female. REX. Note his large bone and head at only 16 weeks old, he will be a large male. The importance of our World Class German Breedings is the resultant superior health (including hips and elbows) temperament and trainability of our German Shepherd Puppies For Sale . Zauberberg dogs are provided with lifetime support for training- and maintenance Check Our Protection Dogs for Sale New Page Personal Protection Dogs At TOTAL K9 ®, we provide personal protection dogs for sale anywhere in the UK. These dogs needed speed, keen senses, strength and sheer courage in the face of dangerous killers. Buy top quality German shepherds dogs now, call us at ( 844) 8, To know more visit us. She is the perfect Family / companion / protection dog  Breeder, Importer and Trainer of world class working German Shepherds from the finest bloodlines in the world. AKC BREEDER OF MERIT. The cheapest offer starts at £100. You should expect of him / her to support you and your puppy for the times to come. kim@vonriefgermanshepherds. Our protection dogs can be taken into any situation so it can protect you anywhere you go. Probably because they are two of the most popular dog breeds in America according to the American Kennel Club. We also have a nice litter of AKC German Shepherds $1500 601 299 0264 www. These dogs are the best in the world and have been expertly trained allowing them to reach IPO and achieve a V rating. Create drive to learn and retain information. We breed and train our dogs for protection and police dog training. His ability of the shepherd can not be denied. Our purebred german shepherd puppies for sale are fed an excellent diet of protein rich, high quality kibble and All of our German Shepherd dogs are 100% German lines, all have their hips and elbows certified, all have super temperaments and character. Find your new family protection dog ,personal protection dog , elite family and estate protection dog at Mrazovac  We offers trained and Personal protection German shepherds dogs for sale in Temecula, California. Many are third or fourth generation of our own personal  Fully Trained Dogs. solid black, stock-coated male. Devoted and loving, they adapt easily to an active family lifestyle and thrive in the home. com Canada’s leading Working German Shepherd Dog Breeders located in Saskatchewan Canada Our Working German Shepherds can be found in most provinces throughout Canada from coast to coast. These dogs can be used for family/executive protection dogs, Police K9’s, competitive dog sports, or to add to your breeding program. So seriously, in fact, that we only train German-pedigreed shepherds, and only for very particular clients. Good prospect for a family with kids or with out. Police Dogs, Personal Protection dogs, family dogs, guard dogs, Sniffing dogs, Movie and television dogs, Schutzhund trained by Canada’s top professional Personal Protection Dogs Our personal and family protection dogs are trained to the highest possible standards. We select our dogs to be sure they are social with children and adults, much like the family companion dog that you remember growing up. Command Control Protection Dogs are more than a  GERMAN SHEPHERD PROTECTION DOGS. Boy/Girl All Boy Girl. Please call or email for information on adult dogs we have for sale. Prices range from $5,000-$30,000. call for price quote Dogs For Sale We are a full-time, full service, dog facility dedicated to providing the very best Elite Family Protection Dog, Police Dogs, and government agencies with specially trained police dogs, the best available anywhere in the world. Adults and young dogs have hips and elbows certified. Purebred puppies are on sale here and available in a variety of color  Female 3 Years Old. Among the most popular of guardian dog breeds is the German Shepherd. Personal Protection Dogs for sale. NEAREST REGION: Springfield, Missouri. Age All Puppy Young Adult Senior. and Canada rely on our expertise to train their patrol and narcotics dogs. Filter our Personal & Family Protection Dogs by Breed, Health, Gender. com - A premier online destination for finding puppies for sale of AKC recognized, rare and mixed breeds. Carefully curated protection and companion canines for individuals, professionals, and families. . Our personal protection dogs will defend that right for your family. You can see this passion in every single dog that leaves this facility. Call 07922 57 55 66 for Details German Shepherd K9s For Sale: See below currently available Import German Shepherd Puppies For Sale & German Shepherd Trained Dogs For Sale. Show Quality German Shepherds for Family Protection, Personal Security, Schutzhund, Search & Rescue, Guard Dogs, Seeing Eye Dogs, Professional Dog Training, German Shepherd Stud Service and Pet Quality K-9 friends from Montana at affordable prices. Expected February 2020. REX // 24 Months Old German Shepherd. Arque hamming it up for the camera. AKC Belgian Malinois Pups. We love building an elite family/personal protection German Shepherd dog and connecting them with homes in Canada. Specializing In Advanced Canine Behavior Modification and Motivational Drive-Building Exclusively For GERMAN SHEPHERDS. We have years of experience raising, training & producing top quality dogs proven in a working environment as well as family pets. We sell Czech German Shepherds–true working dogs who are perfect for protection, police K9 work, Search-and-Rescue, competition, and active family companions. German shepherd puppies are a great addition to family homes as well as excellent dogs for a variety of jobs. and everyday house pet roles. German Shepherd varies in personality, but these are common traits mention in Wicked Training Your German Shepherd Dog Ideas. Family-Friendly REAL Protection Dogs, Trained by Proven and Certified Police/Military Master Trainers. Our fully trained dog program offers discerning clients the convenience of being able to purchase a Family Friendly Protection Dogs. Some of the most faithful and most capable of all guard dogs have been and CCK9 is a full service protection dog training facility, carries a wide range of Executive Protection Dogs, German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois. Simanovich Protection Dog offers world-class dogs from world-class German Shepherd trainers. Were offering for sale to great home only a solid black , AKC registered , female German Shepherd puppy. Some of the most trusted and capable dogs for protection and police work had been and will be always the German Shepherd. Pets4Homes found 243 German Shepherd Dogs and Puppies for sale in the UK . Heidelberg German Shepherds are bred especially for outstanding Top shepherd kennel have a police trained personal protection german shepherd dogs for sale. Superb temperaments for loyal family companionship, K9 sports, law enforcement, personal protection, security dogs, guard dogs  Dutch Shepherd. We do not sell dogs that we have not personally evaluated or dogs that are still in Europe. 2004. I am rehoming my beautiful german shepherd female puppy. She is 16 months old, social with people and other dogs. Our experts have vast experience and will guide you in selecting the best German Shepherd pet. We have trained European imports that have been hand  German Shepherd Puppies German Shepherd Protection Dogs for sale. Service, Protection, Therapy & Assistance Dogs. EXECUTIVE BUSINESS FAMILY & PERSONAL PROTECTION DOGS. The trained German Shepherd protection dogs can show aggressiveness if needed to and will follow their owners instruction at once. to find out more about having your german shepherd trained for personal or family protection (952) 942-5229 trained dogs for sale . Plan details: $200 deductible (per condition, annually); 80% . Hyperactivity in dogs will only cause unneeded stress and health problems down the road. Our personal protection dogs are trained with family and work in mind. Our Owner, Wayne Curry, has a great passion and love for the German Shepherd breed. 1000’s of Dogs Sold . He’s completed his training and is an elite level protection dog. Very civil bite work and social with children. Farga - YouTube. Well-structured programs help make the dog purposeful. is a Police Dog, K-9, training and breeding facility located in Ohio. See why we are the premier protection dog provider in the world. community, dedication to their. In addition to being well-trained protectors, all of the German Shepherd dogs for sale have spent time in the trainers’ homes and have been exposed to various public situations. we have more protection dogs available that are not shown here available. Joey 12 Months Old Malinois. Female Shutzhund Dogs For Sale; Our German Shepherd Dogs. Puppies for Sale. Come and sit in the front position. Harrison K-9’s®* trained protection shepherds set the bar in outstanding and reliable personal protection for 45 years. Our German Shepherds are socialized with both humans and other dogs and are temperament-tested by a professional dog Trained regularly in short intervals for optimum learning retention “training in blocks. Fortunately, some of them were sold as protection dogs, and for a high price to boot. We're the only US breeder to send dogs back to Germany to compete. The puppies will range in price from $3,500 to $5,000. First recognized by the AKC in 1908, it ranks 2nd on the list of most registered breeds in the United States of America. This dog breed can protect you from any individual and disable them if that person is recognized as a threat . Fantastic with children and animals. To learn more about our puppies, visit our puppy's page. Check out these beautiful German Shepherds available for new homes. Trained Dogs For Sale Female & Male Trained Dogs For Sale - Please Contact 604-856-8536 For Updated RiverRock German Shepherds-Dr. Fully trained family protection dogs for sale: Belgian Malinois Protection Dog, Dutch Shepherd Protection Dog, German Shepherd Protection Dog for sale. CESAR // Doberman Male 15 Months Old. Many are third or fourth generation of our own personal Prufenpuden bloodlines. Dante who is a stunning black and red import male German Shepherd. Full Contact K-9 specializes in all things German Shepherds. We feature socialized German shepherd puppies for sale Available German Shepherds & Belgian Malinois For Personal Protection, Family Companion, Obedience Training & More. Oct 27, 2017 · Protection Dog Sales is the largest provider of home raised personal protection dogs in the world. We have one of the widest selections of fully trained adult dog breeds. 07773 478411 or 0115 9441447 info@platinumk9. Irpeden Kennels team has decades of experience acquired by doing what they love to do – work with best German shepherds. He has been bred for protection for over 100 years. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try Dax is a 2 year old solid black German Shepherd, good with other males, powerful in protection and naturally protective of home and property. It is a hardy and very intelligent breed. Wayne Curry, is the only breeder in history to send dogs back to Germany to compete Unlike the German shepherd that is solely used for the sport of Schutzhund, a personal protection dog is trained for protection and not simply the sport and biting a sleeve. We offer german shepherd puppies for sale, personal protection dogs for sale, police dogs for sale, family protection dogs for sale, family companion german shepherds for sale. Est. Puppies · Trained Puppies · Young Trained Dogs · Adult Dogs  German shepherd puppies from K9Protector are always bred from health screened parents with fabulous working heritage. Wonderful family companion. SOLD · Astra. The German Shepherd's Beginning - Shepherd's tending their flocks on the European continent in the 1850's needed a bigger, more intelligent, stronger, completely loyal dog to make protection of the flock and family their primary duty. Bicolor female Import. Senta would perform best for a family without other dogs or cats. PSD Kennels is passionate about our dogs and we hold to the original German Breed standard. breed (s), and actively promote. Zoa Rockenstein. Price for a Trained German Shepherd begins at $8,000. The ability of this breed to form strong bonds with an individual handler makes it one of the most popular dogs for providing security. We have a goal: To ensure that every dog we have the privilege of working with, becomes a permanent, beloved, trusted and happy member of his/her family. TRAINED GERMAN SHEPHERD FOR SALE Well Trained and Titled, Proven Male of Outstanding Pedigree, TOP German VA 1 SIEGER Bloodlines. We also specialize in German Shepherd and other Sacramento dog training for family protection, Schutzhund and Police work. com#psdkennels. This is a route sometimes chosen by individuals who find the purchase of a fully trained adult cost prohibitive or indeed they like the idea of raising a puppy but Dec 14, 2016 · Trained Dogs from Brickhaus: Here you will find older trained working dogs. Giant Schnauzers If you are in need of a German Shepherd suitable for working, protection, service work or companionship, contact Von Rief German Shepherds today. All dogs shown on this page reside at our luxury kennel or in private homes and are available for immediate pick-up or delivery directly to your home. german shepherd protection dogs for sale

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